Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Robin Li: PPC will not hurt the user experience

At half past nine p.m. on the 19 November news, Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) 20:00 tonight on the Baidu search PPC CCTV coverage held conference call with analysts, CEO Robin Li said in a telephone conference, and the user if the PPC search results The correlation peak may not hurt the user experience.

Q & A session before the analysts, Baidu CEO Robin Li made a brief statement, said the Baidu Baidu has CCTV coverage of PPC search to make quick response to exposure by CCTV's "treatment of venereal disease," "cancer" and other keyword bidding rating business has an emergency descent, there is no other licensed health care company PPC has also been removed.

Into the question and answer session after the analyst in the gold issue on the user experience, ask questions, "Many users complain that Baidu's sponsored links in search results, some of the first page of search results is to promote the whole link, but Google is very few of these promotion link, Baidu has any plan to change to improve the user experience? "

Baidu CEO Robin Li said that PPC results may not hurt the user experience, "We think that user experience is very important to us, but the bid ranking users if and when the most relevant search results may not hurt the user experience, this is why we are sometimes more than other search engine results link the cause. "

Robin Li said, has been improved on the PPC platform, while also doing some experiments to improve the user experience: such as reducing the number of sponsored links, and other specific keywords.

Last Saturday, two days, CCTV's "News 30 minutes" program broadcast twice Baidu PPC long-standing abuses of the press, pointed out that because of false information spread by the network Baidu PPC was questioned and exposed the fraud of the internal staff to help insider. Baidu in the 17 open on the evening program that the issue of false medical information to apologize.

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